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Ultimate Summaaaa Mixtape

Love a good mixtape – means I dont have to think – can just listen and be content. So one of the kids from Ratatatatatatatat has put some tunes together and Spinner is calling it the Ultimate Summer Mixtape – Really- is it though?

Check it out here

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The UK’s answer to country music – sort of?

I can dig it – can you?

Leah Mason // St Antoine

I do understand it isn’t country music – I’m not that much of a tool. Xx

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SleighBells – not coming to San Francisco. SUper.

Man – I’m pissed. how can you go on a national tour and not come to SF. that eats shit. Go to Pitchfork’s site – check the tour dates out.. maybe they are heading your way. Arseholes.

Here is a little music to get you in the spirit of ‘eff you guys for not even coming to my city’ – Thanks.

Sleigh Bells // Infinity Guitars

Ohh and this one – because its sweet.

Sleigh Bells // Rill Rill

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Up yours skinny leg wearing, grey marle t-shirt loving music whore(s).

STARSSSSS = Hot hot hot. Another massive bummer, only just found out that these kids are playing here later this month. And fancy that – the tickets are sold out. Eff you San Francisco hipsters.

Loving this song tho. Nice nice nice. I think there is a new album out in like 2 weeks or something. [22nd  June – The Five Ghosts]

Band: Stars

Song: Wasted Daylight

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Another SICK Crystal Castles REMIXXXxx

Check out DAZED DIGITAL /click it/  to hear Bear in Heavens REMIX of Crystal Castles Celestica- it is def. of the epic variety.. Magic (bro)

Band: Crystal Castles

Song: Celestica

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ohhh SNAP!

Memory Tapes.. marry me – you angsty, heart breaking, dance loving dj. Seriously this song makes me want to weep, but not any old sort of cry – that sort of hardcore crying you did as a kid – you know where you would start to hyperventilate, and snot would run down your face.. and when it stopped it was like rainbows appeared..

You make me feel like rainbows.

Crystal Castles – ‘Suffocation’ (Memory Tapes Remix)

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Wow-wow-wow. I’m not sure if its because:

  1. it’s plus monochrome
  2. saying (mostly) NO to eye-wear
  3. has an edgy, non-distracting bob
  4. sporting nude looking make up
  5. translucent skin
  6. Gaga is wearing nude knickers
  7. the nude knickers paired with gyrating aggressive motions against dark haired wonders
  8. doing all of the above on a bed

But this video sizzzzzzzles.  GAGA you sizzle.

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