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bahahahahah, hipster.

Hipsters have to Pee -When you gotta go, you gotta go. Even during photoshoots. (classic!)

<3 it.

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Up yours skinny leg wearing, grey marle t-shirt loving music whore(s).

STARSSSSS = Hot hot hot. Another massive bummer, only just found out that these kids are playing here later this month. And fancy that – the tickets are sold out. Eff you San Francisco hipsters.

Loving this song tho. Nice nice nice. I think there is a new album out in like 2 weeks or something. [22nd  June – The Five Ghosts]

Band: Stars

Song: Wasted Daylight

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Yes – you heard right, I saw one at the gym, and it was obvious, I’m not just making it up. Wearing an appropriately slouchy beanie, white deepish V-neck t-shirt, skinny black jeans and vans; Hipster.. I foundd you.

So unplanned, so messy/arty/indy – when hipster, you do not need the wear of the gym. you can just exist at the gym.

Well hipster, hear this. Just don’t. I suggest you hit up Sports Basement – its only right across the street.

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Hot or homeless?

There is this weird thing sweeping the nation – it is that sort of derelict look that everyone is sporting. And it is now at a point, where I’m finding it hard to distinguish between hot and homeless.

Instead of wanting to go home with the merchant-wanker type – it seems I am wanting to rip the flannel off the hipster. You know, I’m sure there is a reason for the infatuation – there must be – but I will admit, I am terrified of the evening I have one too many a PBR and mistake your everyday bum for the run of the mill hipster..

Hot or homeless – undecided.

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